From the Field: Triston McKenzie, sp, Cleveland Indians



2015 Leaf Trinity 

Very excited to get these two autographs this week!

Triston McKenzie was the Indians 2nd Round pick. The Indians really wanted him to sign, giving him the second highest bonus for a player not drafted in the 1st Round. He has a fantastic senior year in High School, and scouts are excited about how he projects moving forward.

What I think is so exciting about him is that he is already putting up great numbers. In 2015 with the Arizona League Indians he went 1-1 in 12 IP, with only 4 hits allowed. He struck out 17 and only walked 3. Even for the AZL, those are legit stats. With pitching prospects, and especially high school players, so much of the excitement is based on projection. What they will accomplish. What scouts see, and what you hope for. But with him we can see that he is a great pitcher right now…so it gives a guy like me (who likes numbers) the feeling that it is only a matter of time before he is in the big leagues, winning games.

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