From the Field: Indians and Athletics

Coco Crisp, of, Oakland Athletics – (2013 A&G) I have been trying to get this specific card signed since 2013. Thing has flown back and fourth so many times across the country its stupid. Finally got it done in Spring Training.

Stephen Vogt, c, Oakland Athletics – (2014 Topps Heritge) Probably my favorite catcher in the game, and it sucks that he does not have a decent on-card autograph. This card came out OK, but I am still hoping that Panini or Leaf pop something out in the coming seasons. Goodness knows that Topps is too concerned with having 700 prospect autographs in every set to actually have a decent, established player sneak in.

Joey Bulter, of, Cleveland Indians – (2014 Topps Heritge) Bulter was selected off waivers from the Rays this past season by the Tribe. He is currently playing for the AAA Clippers. He was not bad at all in 2015 with the Rays, going .276/.326/.416 in 257 at-bats, with 8 HR and a 106 OPS+. He seems like a great 4th or 5th outfielder. The only problem is that the Indians have a Major League AND Triple-A roster full of 4th or 5th outfielders…so it it possible he is getting lost in the crowd.

Luis Valbuena, if, Houston Astros – (2010 Topps Heritge) Valbuena joined the Tribe back in 2008, a small part of a huge three team deal. Ultimately the Indians gave up OF Franklin Gutierrez and got back RP Joe Smith and IF Luis Valbuena. It was a good trade for the most part. Smith became a very good bullpen arm, and Valbuena spent parts of three season with the big league club. He did not do too much with the Tribe, going .224/.283/.344 with a 71 OPS+ in that time, and was purchased by the Blue Jays in 2011. The Cubs snatched him off waivers in 2012, and has had some nice seasons since then. In 2014 he had a 115 OPS+ with 16 HR over 478 at bats, and in 2015 (now with the Astros, who traded for him) had a 104 OPS+ with 25 HR over 434 at-bats.


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