From the Field: Cody Ramer, if, U of Arizona Wildcats

resized_Cody Ramer.jpg


Cody Ramer is one of the Wildcats leading hitters this season. he is #2 on the team in average (.359), OBP (.457) and SLG (.493). My favorite stat is that he has more walks than K’s (32 v. 21). I think it is worth noting that he was fantastic this past summer in the California League, with a .284/.363/.395 line, so I think these numbers are pretty legit.

I was reading about how his improvement this season is, in part, from a change in his hitting technique. I like to think that his newfound offensive approach catches the eye of some MLB scouts, and he can continue in baseball past this season. I read that he is an athletic player that should be able to continue to man an middle infield position, so that has to help as well.

Ramer went 2-5 with 1 RBI and 1 walk in the game I was at last night, and Arizona would lay a drubbing on Hawaii, 11-2.

I was happy to get his autograph post-game…especially since it is raining pretty bad right now and I might not have had another chance.


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