From the Field: Zach Gibbons, of, U. of Arizona Wildcats


Capture.PNGresized_Zach Gibbons.jpg

So this weekend the Wildcats thrashed Hawaii. During the three game series this was Zach Gibbons lines:

  • Game #1: 5-6 w/2 RBI
  • Game #2: 3-5 w/1 RBI
  • Game #3: 2-4 w/1 BB

There were a bunch of great Arizona player performances this weekend, but it is hard not to call him the MVP of the series.

On the season Gibbons is hitting .378 with a fantastic .467 OBP and .907 OPS. He also has more walks (32) than K’s (21). Its also worth noting is that he is hitting like this while playing the OF, so he is not limited to 1B/DH like some of the better hitters that have rolled through Hawaii this season. You have to think an OF with a OBP that is almost .500 would get some attention from MLB scouts.


Stats c/0


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