From the Field: U. of Arizona Wildcats

resized_cesar salazar.jpg

Cesar Salazar, c
One of the two freshman catchers on the team. He is very good, and there was talk that he was going to get drafted out of High School. That did not happen, and he joined the Wildcats. He is hitting well (.276/.323/.654), and I imagine that the next time he is eligible teams will not pass on him.


Ryan Haug

resized_Ryan Haug.jpg

Ryan Haug, c
The other freshman catcher on the team. I almost did not get him, and was lucky enough to have some parents help point him out to me after the game. He is having a fantastic season, hitting .262/.408/.344 as the teams part time catcher. Still, those are numbers he is putting up as a freshman, so its not hard to see him getting more at bats next season and getting a larger role.

resized_ryan aguliar.jpg

Ryan Aguliar, if/of
Aguliar is the teams leading power hitter, with 6 HR on the season. He is not just a power hitter though, and getting on base at a good clip (.392 OBP). He strikes out plenty (40), but also can take a walk (28), so he is a legit bat.


resized_Louis Boyd.jpg

Louis Boyd, if
Boyd, an infielder, is having a very nice first season with the Wildcats, hitting .254/.399/.290. Transferred from Cochise College, where he has an awesome 2014 (.343 AVG, .429 OBP).

resized_Nathan Bannister.jpg

Nathan Bannister, sp
One of Arizona’s top starters, is having a successful season (9-2, 0.92 WHIP in 112.2 IP).

It is also worth noting that he has found great success in the summer leagues as well, going 6-0, 0.98 WHIP with the Alaska League in 2013, and 4-1, 0.86 WHIP with the Cape Cod League in 2014).


resized_JC Cloney.jpg

JC Cloney, sp
The Wildcats other top starter, Cloney is having a great season: 6-3, 1.09 WHIP. He does not strike out a ton of guys, but he has been very successful none the less.

resized_kyle lewis

Kyle Lewis, if
Hitting .286/.395/.333 on the season.

resized_robby medel

Robby Mendel, rp


resized_cody moffett.jpg

Cody Moffett, rp




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