From the Field: Tyler Naquin, of, Cleveland Indians




So I don’t like to double dip with autographs.  I mean, I want to get multiples as much as the next guy…but I think its just bad form to hit up the same guy over and over.  It looks bad, and its why players stop signing.  Most don’t seem to understand that the vast majority of people who do that are either set collectors, people who trade with other people, or are just hoarders.  Its normally not dealer thing…especially if they are getting cards signed. But whatever. It is what it is.

But, I live in Hawaii.  So I am torn that when I do have the chance to see players…I have to take advantage of it since who knows if/when I will see them again.  This goes double when its a player that I am a fan of.  So sometimes I break my rule and go after two.

Naquin would be that type of player. I was happy when the Indians drafted him, and never gave up hope that he was going to be a productive hitter in the majors.  I would be happy if he made it as just a 4th outfield type, but right now he is starter and one of the big reasons why the Indians are where they are at. He is a really exciting player.

Because I where he parks at the stadium, I guess I could have gotten him almost as many times as I wanted when I was in Cleveland…but I only got him twice.  The first time he signed, the second time he personalized.  I am thrilled with both autographs.  I would have gotten him every time he signed…but after he personalized the second autograph…it really would have stung if he called me out. So I decided to not press my luck.

And really, just to get him in persons, even once, was cool enough.


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