New Arrival: Frank Thomas, 1b, Chicago White Sox


I thought this was a cool card. The scanner did not do it justice, and the signature is bold as can be.

Even with the super nice autograph, my favorite thing about this autograph is the card that it is on.

Cards in the late 80’s and most of the 90’s are worthless. Even when the hobby was kicking up again in the late 90’s, cards like this never gained any value. They were just too overproduced to be worth anything. They were, and still are, essentially kindling.

Card grading has helped these cards find a second wind. Now, what was once a super common card (see: any Griffey rookie), can be a very nice, expensive card if you can get a high graded version of it. And they are not always easy to get. Its not my bag, but I totally get why someone would be into it.

The other neat thing about these cards is, if you like the style, they make good autograph mediums. They are not too glossy, the pictures are nice, and they are cheap.

This card is not graded, though the autograph is authenticated. So this card, which would normally be essentially valueless, is now a nice little collectible. This one in particular is nice since, because of the light background, the autograph really pops. Couple that with the bold signature, and I think this is a win.


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