New Arrival: Nolan Arenado, 3b, Colorado Rockies


I thought this was a nice looking card.  The autograph is a little more bold than it looks in the scan, which was a very nice surprise when it showed up in the mail.

Arenado had a heck of a season. In 160 games he  hit .294/.362/.570, with 41 HR and knocking in 133 runs. That HR and RBI total would lead the NL–and the second year that he would lead the league in HR.  He was an All-Star selection, and there is a very good chance that he will be selected for his third straight Gold Glove.

While these numbers are all great, they are not a huge surprise. Arendao was a top tier prospect for years, ranking in the Rockies Top 10 from 2009-2012 (and was ranked #1 in 2012).

Whats funny is that he was neither known for his power of defense as he came up through the minors.  He was projected to be no more than a 20 HR threat…which is nothing to sneeze at…but a long way from a two time NL HR King.  And he was so bad at third in his first couple of seasons that there was talk of him moving to first, where he would not be such a liability. But, in a testament to the type of player he is, he worked hard to improve his game and by 2011 was showing plus tools with the glove at the hot corner.

He is a great player, and at only 25 he should continue to be one of the very best players in the game.

Also: I really like the 2016 Rockies. Blackmon, CarGo, Arenado, Story, Reynolds, Raburn, Dahl and Adam Ottavino are all favorites of mine.  Though, I do kind of miss Tulo on the roster. He is doing great with the Jays, but I thought he would be a lifelong Colorado player.

2013 22 COL NL 133 486 10 52 23 72 .267 .301 .405 .706 81 RoY-7,GG
2014 23 COL NL 111 432 18 61 25 58 .287 .328 .500 .828 115 GG
2015 ★ 24 COL NL 157 616 42 130 34 110 .287 .323 .575 .898 124 AS,MVP-8,GG,SS
2016 ★ 25 COL NL 160 618 41 133 68 103 .294 .362 .570 .932 128 AS
4 Yrs 561 2152 111 376 150 343 .285 .331 .520 .851 114
162 Game Avg. 162 621 32 109 43 99 .285 .331 .520 .851 114
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Generated 10/18/2016.

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