From the Field: Alfredo Rodriguez, ss, Cincinnati Reds


Alfredo Rodriguez (photo: oncuba magazine)

resized_IMG_0003.jpgresized_Alfredo Rodriguez.jpg

Alfredo Rodriguez.

During the 2014-2015 season, while playing for playing the La Isla De La Juventud Serie Nacional, Rodriguez put up a line of .265/.301/.284 with no homers. Not great numbers, but he made up with by playing Gold Glove defense and blazing speed.

There was another rookie in the league, Yusnier Diaz, who hit .348/.447/.440. The consensus was that he was in line for Rookie of the Year. But he skipped Cuba, and so the ROY award fell to Rodriguez.


Rodriguez also left Cuba last year, and signed with the Reds.

Rodriguez, based on his defense and speed alone, is a prospect. But if he is going to make an impact at the major league level he is going to do it despite his bat. He has no on base skills or pop. Adeiny Hechavarria is probably a good comp, but even he had a batter bat than Rodriguez.

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