New Arrival: Ken Griffey Jr., of, Seattle Mariners


2015 Sports Kings Griffey auto

2015 Sports Kings. The set, released by Leaf, paid tribute to the iconic trading cards produced by Goudey in the 1930s. The set was a mix of both modern and historical sports figures. It was an attractive set, especially for one that was (for baseball, at least) unlicensed.

The set also had some nice autographs, to include Cristiano Ronaldo, Al Pacino, Mario Lemieux, Pele, Roger Federer and a bunch more.

I love the Griffey from this set, and have been wanting it for years. I don’t normally like sketch cards, but I thought this image is just great. Also, I feel like–despite not saying he is in a Mariners uniform–it captures his Seattle days nicely.

Griffey has been retired for over 15 years, but he is still one of the icon players in the hobby. His stuff still sells just as well as more modern players like Mike Trout, Bryant or Harper. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot really afford most of it, especially the nice on card stuff.

But this card is the exception. I think its every bit as nice as anything that was released in 2016, and cost about 1/3 as much.


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