From the Field: Taylor Trammell, of, Cincinnati Reds

resized_Taylor Trammel.jpg

Taylor Trammell was drafted by the Reds with the 35th overall pick, the first of the Competitive Balance Lottery Round A.

Trammell was not a reach with the 35th pick, and was generally regarded as one of the Top 40 players in the country.

His number one tool is speed, which is plus/plus and will help play up all of his other tools. He does not have a ton of power, but with his good bat speed and 6′ 2″ frame he should be able to hit up to 15 HR annually in the big leagues.

The biggest issue is that he was a two sport star in High School, so he did not spend as much time on the diamond as some of his peers. That lack of experience will impact his development at the front end of his career, and it will be on him to take the coaching to catch up and build on his skill set.

If he pans out like the Reds expect, he could blossom into a five tool center fielder with elite top of the order skills. His floor looks to be speedy 4th outfielder. Either way, he was a solid first round pick and should be fun watching him develop.


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