From the Field: Corey Seager, ss, Los Angeles Dodgers


2016 Allen and Ginter “Numbers Game” 5×7

Corey Seager is on island for a hitting clinic. I had heard about it a couple months ago, and was looking forward to the event. It is the icing on the cake that, since the event was announced, he won the 2016 National League Rookie of the Year.

First thing to do was figure out what to get signed.

I did not want to risk handing him a sweet spot or scorecard and have him decline, so I settled on something a little more safe.

Allen and Ginter “By the Numbers” was a Topps online exclusive. The set was 100 cards, and Topps only printed 49 total sets. The cards have the classic Ginter design structure, though at 5×7 are a little larger than the regular set. They are more glossy then the Ginter base, but nothing that a little prep did not fix.

Lots of people bought the set, and then broke the singles on Ebay. This card cost me like $10.

The first day of the clinic was kind of a disaster. Winter in Hawaii is not conducive to autograph collecting, and it was windy and rainy almost the entire time. People at the clinc seemed to love the weather (the team “Manoa Sunshine” was thrown around alot).

Ironically, Seager showed up during a brief window of clear weather, but he declined to sign. He was super friendly about it, but the staff was making it very clear he was not allowed to sign autographs.

I waited until 1pm to see if I could get him after the clinic, but he still said no. Again, super cool about it, and was happy to take pictures. The event staff were very friendly, but they also were very clear that there was no autographs. He did say that he would sign tomorrow.

I ended up spending almost seven hours down there…so…not the greatest day ever. I got home wet, hot and pooped.

I almost did not go down today. You hear things like “I will sign tomorrow” or “At the ballpark” from players all the time, just to get blown off later. But…and this is going to sound stupid…but Seager was so nice about it that…I guess I kind of believed him when he said he would sign.

So, again, 6am this morning I was driving to Monoa.

There were like a half dozen of us waiting, and he was happy to sign and take pictures with everyone. He was, again, super cool. And. despite me coming prepared with the biggest umbrella that Walmart has to offer…the weather was clear and cool.

So there you go.

This is actually the second Seager autograph in my collection.

I don’t consider myself a Dodgers fan, but I do like the Indians, and I saw my fair share of arguments about who is the better player: Seager or Lindor. I really don’t have an opinion, but in the process of seeing people defend their preference, I became a fan of Seager. Comparisons to Lindor aside, he is…pretty amazing.

Since being drafted with the 18th overall pick of the 2012 draft, he has been rated one of the Top 100 prospects in the game three times, highlighted by his #1 rank in 2016.

He got 98 at bats in 2015 with the Dodgers, going .337/.425/.561 with 4 HR. He was up for the full 2016, and went .308/.365/.512 with 26 HR. He would get selected his his first All-Star game, won the Silver Slugger, placed third in MVP voting and won the National League Rookie of the Year.

2012 18 LAD-min Rk 46 175 8 33 8 2 21 33 .309 .383 .520 .903
2013 19 LAD-min A,A+,Fal 120 444 18 82 10 4 53 114 .255 .335 .446 .781
2014 20 LAD-min A+,AA,Fal 141 564 21 111 6 2 49 138 .339 .394 .582 .976
2015 21 LAD-min AAA,AA 125 501 18 76 4 1 37 76 .293 .344 .487 .831
2015 21 LAD NL 27 98 4 17 2 0 14 19 .337 .425 .561 .986 174
2016 ★ 22 LAD NL 157 627 26 72 3 3 54 133 .308 .365 .512 .877 137 AS,MVP-3,RoY-1,SS
2 Yrs 184 725 30 89 5 3 68 152 .312 .374 .519 .892 142
162 Game Avg. 162 638 26 78 4 3 60 134 .312 .374 .519 .892 142
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Generated 12/29/2016.

I decided to get a certified Seager autograph before the event…just in case if did not get him I would not be too disappointed. I settled on this card, a 2015 National Treasure:


2015 Panini National Treasures

This card is nice since for both its design (one of my favorite) and price (its no licensed, so it super cheap). Seager is one of the hotter players right now, and his stuff is generally pricey, so this was kind of the perfect card for me.


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