New Arrival: Alex Rodriguez, SS, New York Yankees



2005 Bowman Alex Rodriguez AU

This is another card I have been eyeing forever.

Alex Rodriguez was an Upper Deck exclusive for many years, and so Topps was not allowed to include him in sets. In 2005 he signed with Topps, and the company made sure to put him front and center on all their 2005 products.

For Bowman, one of the inserts they did to celebrate the Rodriguez signing was a collection of “cards that never were”, including this 1997 Bowman. 1997 was the year that I got into cards, and the set always been one of my favorites, so this card is pretty cool. It was a very tough pull back in the day.

This card is in great condition–which is not easy due to the black border. The autograph is pack fresh too; whoever owned this knew how to take care of cards.

I think this is a card that, in another timeline where A-Rod did not fall off the cliff, I would never be able to afford.


One thought on “New Arrival: Alex Rodriguez, SS, New York Yankees

  1. I love this card. I remember buying packs and packs of these when they came out, trying to get the…Hideki Irabu!


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