Baseball Cards! 1992 Pinnacle Rookie Idols Lofton/Henderson #7


1992 Pinnacle Rookie Idols # 7 (front)


1992 Pinnacle Rookie Idols #7 (back)

This card is from the 1992 Pinnacle set.

By 1992 both Upper Deck and Topps had put out “premium” products, so this 1992 issue was Pinnacles first attempt in that market.

Within the set there was a subset called “Idols”, which paired modern young stars with veteran or retired stars. To compliment the “Idols” subset, Pinnacle also had a proper insert set in series 2 called “Rookie Idols”. The 18 card set was issued only in the second series, and were seeded 1:100 packs–so while they were not impossible to pull, when you consider that the set held 18 cards, it might have been tough to pull the card that you wanted.

For a while in the 90’s this card was particularly popular. In the October 1996 issue of Beckett the card listed for $15/$30, and I know at one point it crept up to $50. The Zosky/Ripken, Poppel/Ryan and Thome/Sandberg were also very popular.


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