New Arrivals from 2017 Spring Training

Here are a bunch of cards that I have gotten via Spring Training consignments or from some collectors selling off some cards:

Brian Anderson – Was a 1st round pick of the White Sox back in 2003, and was one of the biggest prospects in baseball from 2004-2005. Despite his great defense, he was never able to stick in the majors, and owns a career -0.2 WAR.

Juan Pierre – Will always be a favorite of mine. Spent 14 years in the majors making pitchers regret ever letting him get on first. Had 614 career stolen bases, putting him 18th all time. Unlike many speedsters, he also had a good bat, with a career slash of .295/.343/.361. Was never an All-Star, but led the league in stolen bases three times. Was a key member of the 2003 Florida World Series champion team.

Khris Davis – 7th Round pick out of Cal State back in 2009 by the Brewers. Was traded to the A’s for the 2016 season, and had a career year: 42 HR, 102 RBI and a 2.8 WAR. Other then his power spike this season, his career stats have been amazing consistent since making the majors:

Standard Batting
2013 25 MIL NL 136 11 27 11 34 .279 .353 .596 .949 155
2014 26 MIL NL 501 22 69 32 122 .244 .299 .457 .756 106
2015 27 MIL NL 392 27 66 44 122 .247 .323 .505 .828 123
2016 28 OAK AL 555 42 102 42 166 .247 .307 .524 .831 126
4 Yr 4 Yr 4 Yr 4 Yr 1584 102 264 129 444 .249 .312 .504 .817 121
162 162 162 162 545 35 91 44 153 .249 .312 .504 .817 121
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Generated 3/26/2017.


Adam Ottavino – 1st round pick back in 2007 by the Cardinals. Got his autograph TTM when he was in college, so I have always been a fan. Unfortunately, I have never really been able to get him since he turned pro. Neither TTM or consignments really panned out–until this card. And this card didnt even turn out that great. But I will take it!

Since coming to the Rockies Ottavino has been a very good pen arm, though he has had his share of injuries. Still, he owns a career 5.8 WAR and 3.77 ERA over 228 games. Should play a big part on a Rockies team that should be very dangerous in 2017.

Casey Kotchman – Kotchman was a huge prospect while coming up through the Angels system, ranking twice the organizations #1 prospect (2001, 2003) and generally ranking in the Top 25 in all of baseball. He has had a couple moments as a pro, highlighted by his 2011 season with the Rays when he went .306/.378/.422 with 10 HR (good for a 3.6 WAR).

He was able to turn that season into a one year deal with the Indians, in which he immediately went back to sucking: .229/.280/.333 with 12 HR (good for a -0.9 WAR).

Was last in the majors in 2013 (21 at bats with Miami), though is still playing minor league ball.

Bartolo Colon – He will open the 2017 season as a member of the Braves, his 11th organization since breaking with the Indians in 1997. He has has a nice career: 233 wins (63rd all time, and 1st among active players), 2005 AL Cy Young Award winner and four time All-Star. Last season, at age 43, he went 15-8 with the Mets, adding 3.1 WAR to his career total of 48.0.

Garret Atkins – Was in the majors from 2003 to 2010. Had a really nice run from 2006-2008 with the Rockies, going .305/.369/.498, and averaging 25 HR. But his production dropped off a cliff in 2009, and he was retired by 2011. Career 3.9 WAR.

Chad Tracy – Was in the majors from 2004 to 2013. Had two really good seasons with Arizona, with a slash of .294/.350/.497 from 2005-2006, averaging 24 HR.. But his numbers took a dive in 2007, and he never really recovered. Career 5.4 WAR.

Corey Patterson – Another huge prospect who never really panned out. Was the Cubs #1 prospect in both 1998 and 2000, and ranked the #2 prospect in the game in 2000.

Would spent 12 seasons in the majors with nine different organizations. He only had one above league average season, in 2003 with the Cubs. He was never more than a 4th OF type, with a bad habit of striking out way too much. He would retire with a 9.6 WAR.


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