My name is Justin, and this is my blog.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and am now living on Oahu, Hawaii.  I am not thrilled about that set up–Hawaii is not my speed–but I survive (:

I collect mostly through the mail, but during that brief couple months when baseball comes to the island I go to University of Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University games.  I like to follow the careers of the players that I get, especially the DII guys.  More and more seem to be getting drafted, so that is nice.

I focus most of my efforts on Cleveland Indians and Oakland Athletics autographs, though I don’t miss an opportunity to add any team or player if the chance comes up.  I also dabble with the St. Louis Blues and Cleveland Browns.

Despite more and more players refusing to sign them, most of my autographs are on Sweet Spot Cards or Score Cards.

Please drop me a note with any questions or comments!





13 thoughts on “About

  1. Justin,

    I just found your blog, nice work. I am very interested in your 2011 Gypsy Queen Jim Thome stamp. I am collecting all the Twins stamps and need Thome and Cuddyer and then I have the set. Would you please be willing to sell it?


  2. Hi Justin,
    I am Drew Helmstadter’s Dad. He mentioned someone asked him for his autograph and it caught him off guard. I don’t get to see many of his games because I am in CA and he is in ID. I was trying to listen to today’s scrimmage on game central and saw your post. I think it is pretty cool what you do and I know you make a lot of kid’s days when you approach them for their autograph and offer them some positive feedback. I know it made Drew’s and he had a big smile on his face when sharing the story. Keep up the good work. You have a great hobby!

  3. Hey Justin, it’s Jason the dude you graphed Swish with at the Captains.
    Just wanted to check out your site…pretty cool man!
    I just got back into mail graphing as I took a couple years off.
    I just got Don Mossi back, he signed two cards and it took about a month and a half. He may be the lone surviving member of the ’54 Cleveland Indians.

    ps that troll kid said hi

  4. Hey Justin, this is Ty. We graphed together a little at the Indians games and in the parking lot last week. I really like your blog and plan on visiting it frequently. I was wondering if you would be able to send me a few of your scoresheet cards like you had said. Thanks for your time.



  5. Just found your blog Justin – great stuff ! Browsed the whole thing over Game 1 tonight – except for the 7th. That had my full attention ! 1 down for the Tribe !

  6. Hey Justin – well, how long until pitchers & Catchers report?
    Thought I would let you de-comp before I veered off on a different subject: I saw somewhere a list of your Cleveland Browns players you were looking for for your collection. Your program will def help with that, but I might as well. Send along an updated list of Brownies you are looking for & will see what I have for you ….Go Cavs?
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving & best regards, Chris

  7. Hey Justin – congrats on that Cavs Christmas present- a gift from GS ! AND a win front the mighty Browns! I just picked up a bunch of older Browns – prob some guys you may be looking for. Send an email if still looking….instead of waiting by the mailbox counting the hours til pitchers & catchers report, lol!!!
    That mailbox paying off though…Happy New Year

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